My name is Lai Rongchang & Welcom to my page, have an awesome day!

About me

I am Lai Rongchang ,and welcome to my page. Now I am studying for my master degree in University of Tsukuba, Japan. I was born in China and came to Japan in fall of 2014. I like programming. Don't you think programming is really a cool thing? We can program everything we want just by our keyboard. Because of this, I selected computer science as my major when I went to the university. I hope I can create something that can make this world better more or less someday.

My works

For now, I have developed numbers of applications, including Web application, smart phone application and even robot. Here are three of my works which I think are attractive and I hope they also can attract you.

Here is a music website with a gorgeous user interface. With Metro style user interface, the website provides an excellent user experience for users.

Users can listen different style music, and collect the track into their personal lists. The most crucial feature of this website is intelligence recommendation system. The system recommends the music to users who are willing to listen this one.

The intelligence recommendation is implemented based on Apriori algorithm which is a classic association rule learning algorithm. While we are in the age of big data, and Apriori algorithm is powerless when faces the massive data. For this music website, the size of log data may increase very quickly when there are thousands of users. In this case, Apriori algorithm has a bottleneck of performance and it is impossible to run this algorithm on single computer.

I rewrited the traditional Apriori in MapReduce programming model so that it can run on Haddop distributed platform. With the Hadoop, the system can mining the log data by Apriori algorithm on more than one computer in parallel. The experiment result shows my system indeed speeds the Apriori algorithm performance.

Starfortress is a tower defend Android game. This game has high game quality. People use their wisdom to build different towers and defense monsters which attack the base. I and my teammates speeded lots of time on game experience, including playability, effects, performance and so on. I even asked my friend whose major is art design to help us, we just want to develop an excellent game for people and make them happy.

We call this little guy as 'Wall-D' , cause it just looks like Wall-E. I and my teammate build this robot with 2 motors, temperature and humidity sensor, distance sensor and its brain - a Raspberry Pi.

Wall-D can avoid barrier with its eyes - distance automatically. With the temperature and humidity sensor on its back, it can monitor the environment's temperature and humidity. People also can control Wall-D by Android tablet through the Wifi connection. The Android tablet shows real time temperature and humidity to people, so people can know the situation of their warehouse or greenhouse without being there.

What I am working on

My research theme is decentralized SNS application for mobile devices. The target of this research is to provide a completely privacy for SNS's users. Besides this, I am developing an exchange rate notification service for international studens. Students can subscribe the exchange rate notifications and when the current exchange rate reach the threshold rate which is set by them, they will receive the notification by E-mail. After the web end devlopment, we intend to develop the corresponding smart phone application and make it more convenient.